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Art - Portfolio 2016

Mediums: Acrylic, Oil, Water Color, Charcoal, Pen/Pencil, & Multi-Media


MN State Fair Grand Prize: 3rd, 6th, 8th, 9th grade
MN State Fair 1st Prize: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th grade
2014-2015 Scholastic Art Competition: Silver Key (x2)
2015-2016 Scholastic Art Competition: Gold Key (x3)
2006 National Youth Art Competition 3rd Place
Three paintings accepted in Minnesota's Best 100 (2016)
2016 Best 100 Junior-Senior Scholarship Award ($200)

Art & Literature Magazine

Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Mounds View's Art and Literature magazine.
This magazine is collaborated across Mounds View & Irondale, both in the same district.
I personally built the website:


Founder & CEO // Minecraft Server // 2012 - 2015 // Revenue: $48,826.31
As a middle schooler, I was addicted - not to shopping, boys, or grades - but to a PC
game called Minecraft. I guess it was the fact that anything was possible with this "Sand box" game
that drew me in. You could build virtually anything, kill players and animals, and connect with others.
As my love grew with this game, I decided to start a small server, ran off my
laptop. On my server, I sold "donation ranks", purchasable benefits & abilities, and marketed
these ranks everywhere on a self-created website and on custom in-game Java plugins.

Founder & CEO // // Jan 2016 - Current
This is my first real experience in selling real products. I learned so much through coding
the website, installing SSL security, hiring an attorney, getting liability insurance, opening
a bank, calling manufacturers, finalizing logistics & branding, and more. These products are now
used for Social Justice Club's fundraisers. The are also candies available online, shipped across the US.

Co-Founder & CEO // Leozarb // Nov 2015 - Current
We make Spanish eBooks for schools & help immigrants with creating websites.
I lead a team of 15 employees and competed at Carlson School Of Management in the
Junior Achievement Company Competition. In the competition, we were evaluated on our
Business Plan, interview, and presentation. We won 1st place - JAUM Company of the year.
We also competed at JA nationals and won the EY Social Innovation Award.
We are also a MN CUP Company Semi Finalist (division 18 and under).