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Maddie Wang
CS Stanford, [email protected]
rn i'm 22, building
virtual cafe for friends + vetted founders
gay life
other passions
sex & love life
i build for belonging
cum time satisfyer: 3-20m manual labor: 20-45m
i use Satisfyer!
contact info [email protected]
i believe in gay social proof! the more you're out, the more other's come out. the more out the world is, the more being queer becomes normal and accepted. high school #player - at 16, fell for a straight girl on my tennis team - at 17, first hooked up w/ a girl in mall parking lot - got chlamydia 2-3 times - at 18, first gf college #simp - at 19 joined rugby for a girl - made queerchart for a girl - fell in love with a different girl, Lainey <3 - Now: Living with lainey for 1.5 years!
I used to be deeply insecure about my sexual desires. It felt so wrong to masturbate, watch porn, or explore sex. When I couldn't cum during sex, I felt like something was wrong with me. It took friends, therapy, and time, but now... I masturbate 3x a week. I talk about sex openly with others I live a fulfilling life with my GF!
at 19, I made an Amazon store and made $120,000
at 20, I made a queer community and met my gf & closest friends
at 20, I made a queer community and met my gf & closest friends
at 13, i built a Minecraft server and made $60,000